The Importance of Positive Thinking

In order to enjoy life as most of us would like to, it’s crucial to understand that our own thoughts & words eventually become part of our belief system. Every negative thought we have produces stress hormones which generate a mixture of anxiety, depression and anger and can lead to poor sleep, all of which locks us in a vicious cycle that it becomes harder and harder to escape.

Whether in the privacy of our own mind or talking out loud, our own voice is the most important in our world simply because we hear it more than any other. The first step in changing our experience of life and reducing stress levels therefore is to become more observant of our self-talk. Then think about the language and words we use when with others.

Practice makes perfect & you can learn to think positively if you choose to. You learned to walk and talk through practice & think of anything else you’ve ever learned in life (how to play a musical instrument, drive or work a computer perhaps) & ponder how exactly the same processes came into play - everything is achievable through focus & practice and becomes easier over time as we build new neural pathways within the brain.

By training our mind to notice the good stuff & think positively we not only bring about a natural reduction in our stress levels but also acknowledge the potential for improvements & instinctively begin to steer our actions towards making those improvements a reality. Why not try it – pick a relationship or situation you’d like to improve & give some thought to what specifically would be different when it was better (eg, might you talk more & if so, about what sort of thing & when).

Don’t focus on what you don’t want or like, focus on what you do want & watch what happens….!