Living with anger...?

Snappy… short fuse… lack of patience… Sound familiar?

If you are experiencing these feelings, or are living with a loved one who is, life can be hard.

Interestingly, many anger issues are a result of the exact same processes in the mind that cause anxiety and depression – they’re just being expressed differently. Unfortunately while we tend to feel sympathy for those who struggle with anxiety and depression and go out of our way to understand and help, when anger is present the overriding reactions are ones of resentment from those on the receiving end and guilt in the individual.

Anger, anxiety and depression are all part of our ‘fight or flight’ instincts and are triggered whenever the brain perceives we’re experiencing any stress or difficulty in our lives. They can arise suddenly when we’re overwhelmed by a particularly difficult experience or, as is more often the case, creep up on us over a gradual period as things pile up. It might be a succession of small daily events such as a lack of sleep, finding ourselves caring for others & neglecting our own needs or perhaps feeling stuck in a job we really don’t enjoy. All these things fill up our stress bucket &, if we’re not able to empty it back out, it can overflow resulting in the expression of anger.

The great thing is that it doesn’t have to be like that. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be an enormous help in both emptying the stress bucket and enabling you to put in place small changes that stop it from filling back up. When our fight or flight responses are less dominant anger can just dissolve away making life so much easier & more enjoyable for both ourselves & those we love.

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