What is Solution Focussed Therapy?

I am absolutely passionate about Solution Focussed work as it is such a positive approach that can make an immense difference to my clients in a very short space of time. When chatting to people, however, whether socially or during sessions, a question I’m often asked is ‘What does Solution Focussed therapy mean or involve & what makes it different from other approaches?’

The Solution Focussed approach is a positive one that focuses on what & how you want things to be going forward in life rather than trying to analyse a problem and discussing the things that are wrong. In redirecting thoughts and energy in this more positive and proactive way then we often find change starts to happen more easily. When you start to describe & visualise what it is that you really want, and exactly what will be different when it happens, then you are far more likely to be able to come up with ideas and make changes that will start to turn it into a reality.

In focussing on positives we engage the problem solving part of the brain known as the left pre-frontal cortex. When we use this part of the mind we are able to see and assess situations in a rational and logical way with less emotional involvement which in turn helps us find solutions.

At a fundamental level the Solution Focussed approach works on the basis that the client, and not the therapist, is the expert in their life and is therefore the best person to work out solutions to the problems in their lives.

So, in Solution Focussed sessions, the therapist acts as a catalyst to help the client focus on how they really want things to be and to build a detailed picture of exactly what would be different when things are as they’d like them. As this detailed picture starts to emerge the client is encouraged to think about and decide on the steps they can take (often very small ones) that will begin to move them towards their goal and make it become a reality.

Whatever the issue you are facing, whether perhaps depression, anxiety, general stress or even relationship difficulties, this positive and empowering approach, combined with the relaxation of hypnotherapy to help use the mind in a fundamentally different way, could make a big difference in your life.

To find out more or have a chat about how Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy could help you please don’t hesitate to contact me on 07921 677360 or [email protected]