I came to Sasha to get help with my anxiety - particularly around exams, friendships and new situations. I've come away being able to calmly face situations I would have completely avoided before with my new found confidence due to my work with Sasha.


Just had to let you know the MRI scan was a success, in fact, I was calm and in control all the way through it. I cannot thank you enough for getting me through this procedure, I could not have done it without your help - it was like a miracle!!! Thanks again. .


I went to go and see Sasha because I was worried about things that would not go away. After seeing Sasha all of my worries disappeared.

JR, Age 12

I was looking for better coping strategies to deal with an escalating daily to do list made harder by waking up every morning feeling utterly exhausted. Sasha’s initial consultation was so informative and helpful in understanding how hypnotherapy works and how it could benefit me and left me excited about starting the journey. The actual treatment has been life changing. Simple as that. Within 3 sessions my sleep pattern was regulated and a gentle calmness and positivity was present throughout my day. I am able to prioritise and focus my mind much better, quicker and clearer. What a relief! I have been blown away by the impact hypnotherapy has had on my life and in addition it is the most incredibly relaxing therapy too. I can’t recommend Sasha highly enough. Thank you Sasha!


I have never been a good sleeper. Three children later and a very difficult personal tragedy left me anxious and waking at 2am and, frustratingly, not able to get back to sleep until 6am. I have had 6 hypnotherapy sessions with Sasha and have regularly listened to her CD at home. I now fall asleep straightaway and if I wake, or am woken, in the night I can go straight back to sleep. However, the impact of the hypnotherapy sessions has been far wider reaching. I am able to react and deal with day to day stresses in a totally different way. This has not only transformed my life but also the lives of my family.


"Having had difficulty in sleeping and the ability to rest and relax consistently, I began to have hypnotherapy sessions with Sasha. I have to admit that although I was slightly sceptical, Sasha reassured me during the introduction of the session and explained how the mind works and processes information at rest and how it can affect sleep patterns. She also explained the scope of the subject and how it could help me. I was delighted to experience an immediate positive reaction following my first consultation. I listened to a CD recording by Sasha which helped to relax and prepare me for sleep. I have been using the CD regularly whilst having a weekly consultation over a period of 2 months, which has had an amazing impact on my ability to rest, relax and indeed sleep." "I am now able to sleep much better and have now reduced both the CD and consultations accordingly. I can't thank Sasha enough".


I just wanted to let you know what a difference the solution focused hypnotherapy sessions have made to my wife. After a number of testing years at work and the loss of her mother following illness and immense associated difficulties, (my wife) had become extremely stressed, quick to anger and tearfulness and just wasn’t her normal self at all. Very quickly after beginning therapy she began to relax and life became visibly easier for her again. After something like 9 or 10 sessions she was her old self again and I can’t begin to describe how much happier she is (and we are) – it really has been utterly miraculous!


I’m just back from a holiday involving two 10 hour flights with almost none of my normal anxiety – on the return leg there was terrible turbulence and as I laughed with my husband (honestly!) my biggest concern was how to stop my drink from spilling… An astonishing result, thank you.


Over the last few months, Sasha has helped me to understand and appreciate how I have been operating my life from a dominant primitive brain involvement. Reacting to circumstances instead of responding with the love and kindness I deserve. She has gently guided me through hypnotherapy, to move into functioning from my intellectual brain and WOW! how my life is changing! I feel grounded, relaxed, flowing, kind and loving towards myself and capable of so much more than I was achieving! Thank you Sasha for your wonderful gentle approach and safe guidance through this journey, I'm amazed myself at the future possibilities.